A Scholarship for students with disabilities may be received by a student who has a disability certificate, except as provided in Section 184 of Higher Education Act (Polish version only).

Procedures of application

It is necessary to register in the OPD by completing the registration form and presenting a certificate of disability (original for inspection or certified copy).
Then, to apply for a scholarship, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Check availability of your application at USOS

Check availability and correctness of data from the certificate of disability by visiting the USOSweb at Central Campus  (for students, applications, application for special scholarship). If there aren’t any data in the system, go to step 2. If the system gives you the opportunity to submit an application, enter all required data and proceed to step 3.

The OPD is only responsible for inputting the data from the certificate of disability, other formal obstacles preventing the submission of the application should be explained in the dean’s office at student’s teaching unit. All key data for the scholarship’s payout from certificates already submitted at the Office for Persons with Disabilities have already been entered into the system.

Step 2 (only if there is no data from the certificate of disability in the system)

Information about the validity of the certificate and the level of disability can be updated only by an employee of the Office for Persons with Disabilities. In order to enter or update data, you must go to the OPD during the hours of students’ consultations, and then after the data migration (the next day) fulfill other activities.

Step 3 – Print and submit your application

After printing and signing the application you should immediately submit a paper version to the relevant scholarship at Office for Persons with Disabilities. 

The application procedure must be repeated every time the current certificate has expired and a new document has been issued.