Procedure for online applications:

  1. Complete the chosen online application form.
  2. In the form, enter your email address registered in the USOSweb system (usually it’s an email from domain). Verify the address by entering it twice in the form.
    1. The email address acts as a credential for the application, that’s why it must be registered in the USOSweb system.
    2. If you wish to use an email address other than the one registered in the USOSweb system, you must first provide it on a paper registration form, which must be signed by yourself and delivered to the OPD (BON UW). You can also provide and certify an email address in person at the OPD (BON UW). We do not recommend using custom email addresses and cannot guarantee proper communication and message delivery if the email used is not managed by the University.
  3. Clicking the “Send” button for the completed application will send a confirmation message to the email address provided (your email). The message will contain a confirmation link. Check your email after submission!
  4. You have 72 hours from completing the form on the OPD’s (BON UW) website to accept the application by clicking on the link provided in the email. Opening the link will submit an application to the OPD (BON UW). In the next email, you should have the final confirmation of your application sent to OPD.
  5. If you have received an email with an application filled in by someone else, you can ignore the message.
  6. If you need to correct submitted data in the application, or if the confirmation link has expired, you can ignore the message and fill in the form again on the OPD’s (BON UW) website if needed.

Registration forms

Registration forms for people applying for the OPD’s (BON UW) support. Completion of the form is necessary to get any form of the OPD’s (BON UW) support. The OPD (BON UW) guarantees the confidentiality of your personal data provided.