Students and staff registered with the Office for Persons with Disabilities can borrow electronic mobile devices according to their needs and the recommendations of the BON’s Student Affairs Consultants.

The equipment is loaned free of charge for the duration of one academic year or semester. At the beginning of the academic year, acceptance and allocation of the equipment available in the lending library takes place based on the applications submitted. Rental during the academic year is possible within the scope of the stock available. The exact model of equipment is selected by the staff of the OPD Technology Department, but may be consulted.

Until the end of October each year, students, and staff from dedicated units have priority to borrow equipment from the specific stock. From the beginning of November until the end of the academic year, this equipment is available on a general basis.

Loans are made based on a contract (see appendix to the terms and conditions) and an equipment handover protocol.

Attention. Availability of some devices may be limited due to all units being on loan. If the equipment you need is missing from the list above, please consult the OPD technology section. You are welcome to contact us if you have difficulties with the Polish language documents below.

Terms and conditions for the use of the rental of equipment for people with disabilities (PolIsh verion only).

Application for the loan of specialized equipment for people registered with the UW Office for Persons with Disabilities (Polish version only)

Detailed list of equipment.

Equipment available in the GENERAL RESOURCE for loan.

Portable equipment

  • laptops (Windows and macOS laptops)
  • tablets (iOS and Android systems)
  • 32-character braille notepads (HiMS Braille Sense, Humanware Braill Note, )
  • 40-character braille displays (braille monitors, various models from Humanware, HiMS, Freedom Scientific, Esys )
  • FM assistive listening systems(Phonak Roger MyLink and Roger Pen)
  • Olympus voice recorders (various models, also with voice guide)
  • portable and table-top magnifiers (i-loview, Optelec Traveller HD, Transformer)
  • alternative keyboards (Bluetooth by Logitech, Samsung)
  • portable A4 scanners
  • audio players (Apple iPod, BookSense, VoiceDream Reader)
  • Totupoint cane-mounted activators.

Special equipment

  • modular arm rests (for people with reduced mobility)
  • push-buttons, pivot controllers
  • trackballs
  • keyboards with enlarged keys, fitted with separator caps
  • desk stands for standing work

Equipment available in specific resources.

Resource for the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics: