Any student who is unable to complete the course of study in the standard mode can benefit from the offer of the OPD. It may be a person who is chronically ill, including psychological difficulties, an accident or dyslexia.

Among the specialists working with the Office for Persons with Disabilities students will find a psychologist – each student of the University of Warsaw can get an appointment. The schedule and the way of signing in are here. The second specialist is a psychiatrist who consults UW students who experience emotional difficulties or mental illnesses in the context of support and recommendation of their studies. The OPD consultant or a psychologist is in charge to settle a meeting with the doctor. All the information are here.

WARNING: The doctor does not treat and does not prescribe medications!

All the information you can find here. (myślę, że warto zrobić przeniesienie do zakładki, w której jest opisana cała procedura starania się o urlop zdrowotny)

All the information are here.

Each student with valid certificate of disability can apply for this scholarship.

The special scholarship is given for the academic year and is paid from October to June.

Student may apply at any time during the academic year. If he/she does it by the 10th of the month, the money will be paid from this month. If after the tenth of the month – the money will come from the next month.

If the certificate of disability is temporary and expires during the academic year, and the student receives another one, the procedure must be repeated – within 3 months it should be reported to the OPD, then the certificate can be registered, the student completes the application and submit it to the competent committee on his\her Faculty.

Slight level of disability – 250 PLN

Moderate level of disability – 360 PLN

Substantial level of disability – 470 PLN

The procedure of registering the certificate of disability in the OPD is similar as in the first and second degree of studies.

Slight level of disability – 290 PLN

Moderate level of disability – 355 PLN

Substantial level of disability – 380 PLN

Students receive all the scholarships to their bank accounts, so it is crutial to add the number in USOSweb. It can be done in the ‘payment’ sub-line. There are few screens to go through and at the end it just must be approved

The Office for Persons with Disabilities participates only with the application for special scholarship.

All other scholarships are provided by the Scholarships Committee at the Faculty. For further information please, check the website.

Any student with a degree of disability or chronically ill can apply for a place at Student’s Dormitory. Conditions of application can be find at the tab ‘For Students’ –> Dormitories.

There are four dormitories out of six where some rooms are in charge of the OPD: DS1, DS2, DS4 and DS6. In total it is 66 places. Some of them are tailored to the needs of students with mobility impairment.

All the information are easy to find on the tab ‘For Students’ (Assisstants, PJM Translator, Hardware Consulting/training).

Each student is required to pass a foreign language examination during the first three years of studies. For this purpose, he/she must register by the system for the exam in his chosen session. If he/she needs any supportive solutions, he/she may report to the OPD during the registration time. The application for changes of the form of the examination are forwarded by the OPD to the Foreign Languages School. The decision is taken by the Director of the FLS.

The decision is taken individually, on the basis of the opinions of the psychological and pedagogical counseling center (we honor certificates presented before the matriculation exam).

The certificate of disability is not enough to get the permission to enter the Main Campus.

Any student who has a substantial physical disability and a European Disabled Parking Card may apply via the OPD for a University Pass (issued for the academic year).

If the building is completely architecturally inaccessible, we are trying to swap classes (for this purpose you must report to the OPD).

Any student with a disability who needs help of a carer during travels from a place of residence to the university, a meeting with a doctor, rehabilitation and with a specific disability, may report to the OPD with a carer, register the certificate of disability and get an ID card and special ZTM print, after completing these activities. That will allow to travel on the above mentioned routes. ZTM printing pattern is HERE. The carer’s ID is valid for one semester which is 31.10-31.03. or 31.03.-31.10. If the student starts another semester, the validity of the ID can be extended by applying to the OPD.

The student may get the right to additional time during the exams based on medical records, the certificate of disability, and tests carried out by the OPD staff. More information about changes of venue.