University transportation is designed for the physically disabled, in wheelchairs or with other kinds of difficulties in movement. Transits are held by two buses adapted for simultaneous transport of up to 4 people in wheelchairs. Buses also have regular seats so students moving with crutches can use them as well. Persons entitled to the use of transportation are entitled only to trips associated with the academic activity – between home and Faculty to make possible attending students’ classes. Transportation costs are on behalf of UW.

You should place your order by filling in the electronic version of transportation questionnaire to take advantage of university transportation ( DOCX ). You should also provide to OPD documents proving possesed disability and the degree or/and medical documents which describe the current state of health. The decision about granting aid and the scope of the assistance is determined by the Commission of Transportation.

There are semester schedules of the transits that university transportation follows. The student entitled to use the transportation is committed to provide the school timetable at least one week before the semester begins. If it’s not delivered, the student will be excluded from the list of tansits.

If student wants to make any changes during academic schoolyear, the information also should be given at least one week earlier. If not, the request will be taken as a question and will be proceeded  if it’s possible only.

Additionally, there is possibility to get the assistance while moving in between the university buildings not completely adjusted for students on wheelchairs.

Any student who is granted the right to use the transportation and/or the support of the assistants is required to accept and comply Terms of usage of the transportation at University of Warsaw and to order the service, the student should fill in the digital version of the form ( XLSX ).