What support can the candidate take during the initial exams?

Blind and visually impaired candidates

The written part of the initial exam is conducted in Braille, enlarged print or on the computer, with extended time which is maximally 50%.

Deaf and with hearing impairment candidates

During oral exams, the candidates can count on the PJM translators or the examination is offered in written form.

Candidates with hands incapability

Change of the form of the written examination may include the extension of time for extra 50% and the usage of the computer.

Candidates on wheelchairs

Exams will take place in architecturally accessible buildings. It is possible to get the transportation by university buses.

Candidates who are not from Warsaw can take advantage of entrance examinations in adapted student homes. More about dormitories.

It is crucial to contact the Office for Persons with Disabilities early enough to get all the conditions described above (at least 7 working days before the exam date), so the OPD can provide the adjustments on basis of the relevant medical records Otherwise, we do not guarantee the possibility of adapting the exam.

The University is not fully accessible to people with all disabilities yet, therefore, before making the final choice of studies, we encourage you to read detailed information on our website in the tab ‘Services’ ->’ Availability of buildings’ section.